About US

Corporate purposes
Providing innovative, quality products, programs and services, comprehensive help customers, enterprises and employees to achieve a successful experience.
Enterprise Location: do the industry overall development of enterprise groups.
Business Location: do a set of integrated hardware and software development, technical service and lead a global leader specialized manufacturers.
Business principles: on customers and employees highly responsible and seek common development for all.

Our Mission
Become the industry leader in the field of technology, continuing the pursuit of maximization of customer satisfaction.
Maintain and develop the leading position in the field of technology in the industry. Become the industry experts
With innovative high-tech technology to help citizens feel civilized life.

core values
Integrity and customer-oriented overall concept innovation initiative and efficient pursuit of goals and rewards and punishments

Integrity -
Real life, work diligently and fundamental principle of all corporate and employee behavior.
Proper handling of personal responsibility and the opportunity to promote employee loyalty to the company outlook.
Treat customers, partners must always adhere to the law business, honest business operation of the Road, the pursuit of win-win results.
Treat superiors, colleagues and subordinates to be honest, never allow the use of means for competitors to take handling internal relations.