Fastener Fair third of the world made cold heading machine

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An annual fairs attracted numerous fasteners cold heading fasteners Equipment manufacturers and producers, want the industry's annual showcase event there own strength, and brand, with the sustained economic recovery in domestic fasteners The growing demand, so the relevant fastener manufacturers want to further expand production capacity, but by this time many manufacturers want to purchase cold heading machine equipment to increase their production capacity, now cold heading machine equipment procurement is the major source of Japan, Europe Department, Taiwan and domestic brands!
      In this century, the domestic fastener manufacturers in the direction of the major equipment procurement in Europe and America and Japan, and later with the improvement made in Taiwan, many domestic enterprises have begun to Taiwan to purchase cold heading machine and other equipment, the domestic manufacture of cold heading machine in Yixing, Jiangsu here for a larger development, but not to international competition on the equipment manufacturers, has been suppressed in the situation, if we look at previous years, the fastener exhibition, are mostly foreign manufacture of cold heading machine brand in the play a leading role!
      But three decades east, west three years, and now cold heading machine manufacturing technology in Yixing, Jiangsu received a great leap forward, with the production of a patented technology, the domestic cold heading machine manufacturing processes and technologies have been able to meet international advanced level, especially southern fastener plant in Yixing City, ten years as one day. Constant innovation in technology, coupled with the surrounding area cold heading machine parts to improve the overall level, the exhibition is now in the fastener, cold heading machine domestic manufacturing equipment already have their own place, and just like that, America and Europe and Taiwan equipment to rival it! Truly a third of the world, of course, not now cold heading machine equipment manufacturer's ultimate goal, they have further intend to!
      That is the domestic fastener manufacturing equipment makers are still in constant technological innovation, hoping to go beyond Europe and the United States, in particular German manufacturers, and of course I believe in the near future, we will see in the fastener exhibition play a key role of domestic enterprises , so that the equipment of foreign buyers standing plant in Yixing City, Southern Fastener reluctant to leave on a display stand!