China's fastener industry into the "technology is king" era

2011/1/12 Hits:365

Today, fastener manufacturers into a "technology is king" era, since the 20th century, 90 years, the pattern of the world's fastener industry has undergone major changes. From North America, the European Union to Japan, South Korea transferred, the ED China Taiwan regions, to mainland China. The 21st century, and gradually to Southeast Asia, India, transferred, while buyers of the properties of the demand for fasteners is changing.
If not keep up with consumer demand for development will inevitably lead to market sluggish. As we all know, the performance from the technology, to a place in the market and technology will inevitably become a strategic battleground. Of course, the user, the most valuable technology is integrated into the application of technology. Fastener manufacturing technology from the initial research and development to processing, cold heading machine, thread rolling machine and heat treatment techniques, to measure, each fastener in which companies are striving to improve every aspect of technical content, while reducing costs.
At present, the Chinese fastener industry accumulation period is over, going from small to big, from big to strong historic transformation. Different conditions of the business as fasteners, and structural adjustment in the transition process will take different measures, and take different routes, but both similarities and differences between the specific implementation, one thing is common, that is in transition and structural adjustment have To adhere to the scientific concept of development. Scientific concept of development is a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept. Scientific concept of development is the fastener industry, their own development needs.
From the current point of view, China's fastener industry has successfully completed the transition from small to big, from big to strong is in the stage of development. From small to big is a quantitative process, the impact of scientific concept of development may be limited to its speed and time, but from large to strong qualitative change is a process that can successfully accomplish this transformation, plays to the scientific concept of development crucial role. However, in this crucial moment of transition and adjustment to improve the motor vehicles, petrochemicals, power communications fasteners accuracy, reliability is the urgent task of China's fastener industry.
Change initiatives and create new start, a strong new look for the mission. Fastener technology development has been mainly from the invention of the early stages of the individual, through the intermediate stage of market-oriented, forward to the current demand by the market, the advanced stage of innovation-driven companies; from the first single technology, improve product value to include all manufacturing advantages, including chain links.
Respect for the scientific concept of development, the scientific concept of development in the fastener industry, under the guidance of rational planning and adjustment of structure and improve the technical levels of total fastener, and actively explore, the real upgrade corporate image and brand of upgrade, this is tight Firmware companies must do.