Service and support

As a professional production of cold heading machine and fastener production equipment manufacturers, we offer to users of the products can meet the user's requirements, and comply with the relevant national standards. The sale of use of the product installation, maintenance and other after-sales tracking service is our responsibility and obligation; therefore, we will go all out to user technical support, quality tracking service work.
We will be first-class service to face the user to user satisfaction as the criteria, to provide users with high-quality products and make the following commitments:

① help users to do the installation, commissioning, acceptance of products;
② time to time we are going to visit the user to understand the operation of the product;
③ ready for use in the process of maintenance, maintenance work, if the product is found to not meet the product due to manufacturing quality standards or
   Technical requirements can not normally use, to ensure the timely processing;
④ Strength of the company, in order to protect customers normally use our products during the warranty period, after-sale problems arise, we will provide a full range of global professional and technical personnel on-site service, pre and post-sales technical guidance, let you free of all worries.
   Our service aim is: Let customer satisfaction!

 Service: 020-86866688